Preparation of internal legal acts

Every company needs internal legal acts for its successful operation, which define the rules, organization, work processes, relationships and culture in the company. They are intended for both employees and employers, as they enable both parties to know their rights and duties, which contributes to the smooth operation and increase satisfaction and trust within the company.

Some internal legal acts must be adopted by companies on the basis of applicable law, as they provide a legal minimum in regulating the relationship between employer and employees. Nevertheless, in practice it too often turns out that companies do not adopt these acts despite the legal obligation, moreover, they are not even aware that they have to adopt them if they want to avoid high penalties in inspections.

At Advise d.o.o., we provide comprehensive advice on how to prepare statutory mandatory internal legal acts that will be fully and completely adapted to your organization. In addition to mandatory legal acts, it is recommended that companies adopt additional internal legal acts in order to improve the performance, organization and security of operations. The purpose of preparing internal legal acts is for the employer to establish a clear, unambiguous and understandable system of rules, with which it is essential to acquaint all employees in the company. Namely, internal legal acts reflect the values, mission and vision of the company.

Based on the performed analysis of the situation of your company, we prepare drafts of the necessary internal legal acts and, if necessary, also contracts or other documents in the field of human resources that relate to them. Our team of experts with interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of law and human resources then advises you on a custom basis and, based on your wishes, also prepares the final versions of both mandatory and recommended internal legal acts.

Mandatory internal legal acts


Rules on the organization and systematisation of jobs

Safety statement with risk assessment


Rules on the prohibition of alcoholism and work under the influence of prohibited substances

Accounting regulations


Rules on prohibition of mobbing


Rules on personal data protection

Recommended internal legal acts

Rules on reimbursement of work-related expenses

Rules on working hours

Rules on company vehicles

Rules on annual leave and other absences from work

Salary policy

Mobile Phone Policy

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