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Monthly payroll

Salary. Pay for work. Pay for the worker’s effort and contribution to the success of your company. For most employers, data on salaries and other benefits are strictly protected information, and therefore, a very sensitive topic.

Payroll is a demanding and constantly changing professional field. The regulations governing this area are subject to constant changes, and the competent state institutions are increasingly monitoring the payment of salaries, their adequacy and legality. Continuous and close monitoring of labour law, collective agreements, tax law and social security legislation is needed.

Why assign the calculation of salaries to us?
  • We are highly specialized in the field of payroll, we follow all changes in legislation, we participate in external and internal training, we exchange experiences, opinions and views within the team, hence we can offer you a service at an extremely high professional level.
  • Confidentiality and correctness of data and customer satisfaction is our main guideline.
  • The software needed to calculate salaries represents a large cost for companies; considering that we perform billing for several subscribers, we can offer you an objectively lower price of the service.
  • Changes are the only constant; when the legislation changes, our company performs all software updates and test upgrades quickly and accurately.

This makes the transfer of the payroll to Advise d.o.o. an easy decision. When we receive information from you, we calculate salaries and send you payslips, foundation and all other necessary documents and statements.


In connection with the calculation of salaries, the company Advise d.o.o. offer you the following services:
  • monthly salary calculation,
  • calculation of holiday pay, Christmas bonus and annual prizes, jubilee prizes, business performance bonuses and other bonuses that are not tied to the monthly salary,
  • calculation of bonuses,
  • payment of travel expenses,
  • calculation of severance payment,
  • calculation of rents, meeting fees, prizes, dividends and the like,
  • monthly reports to state institutions (such as AJPES and FARS),
  • preparation and printing of payment documents,
  • settlement of loans, deductions, perpetuals and executions,
  • annual reports to the state and employees (M4, personal income tax),
  • various analyses and reports tailored to your needs.

We always put a lot of effort and energy into the correct monthly payment and the correct monthly record on the payrolls of all employees, so that your company need not worry about the correctness of the calculation of salaries and its secrecy. You will avoid mistakes and employee dissatisfaction and the loss of valuable time. Our services will be to the satisfaction of both management and employees.

Calculation of other benefits

Like the calculation of salaries, the area of accounting for other benefits is a demanding task.

We prepare calculations of all types of royalties and company contracts for you, we calculate and pay remuneration for managers, remuneration from temporary and occasional work of pensioners, and we prepare payments for apprentices, high school students and students. We also report to the competent state institutions for each type of payment. All of this is part of our daily lives.

Advise d.o.o.
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Submission of mandatory annual reports

At the end of the year, we prepare mandatory annual reports for you, which must be submitted to the competent state institutions within the prescribed deadlines:
  • preparation of annual income tax reports,
  • reporting to FARS on benefits for dependent family members,
  • reporting to FARS on paid supplementary pension insurance premiums.

Production of additional reports

Reports and data for various state institutions are certainly mandatory, but companies striving for excellence want and need even more:

  • preparation of data for actuarial calculations,
  • preparation of various spreadsheets, reports and printouts,
  • preparation of various annual reports and
  • preparation of various data for human resources, accounting and other departments within the company.

These and many other data are essential for making the right decisions and monitoring your business. We are happy to take over their preparation for you.

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