The mission of Advise d.o.o.:

  • Provide our business partners with the highest quality services in the field of payroll and human resources, whereby each partner is or will be treated equally and is or will receive an equivalent, excellent level of service quality and a personal approach.
  • Help our partners in their successful business and development with our excellent services.
  • Provide their employees with excellent working conditions and a working environment, as well as the opportunity for constant growth, both in their personal and professional field.


Advise d.o.o. is and will continue to be one of the largest and most recognizable companies in the field of human resource services and payroll in Slovenia.

Rich and many years of experience, professionalism of employees, quality of work, care for the well-being of our business partners, excellent organization and quick response, interdisciplinary knowledge of employees, permanent and continuing education, adaptation to changes, friendliness, care for data confidentiality, excellent equipment and quality business premises in Ljubljana, will be our goal and advantage in the future as well.

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