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Advise d.o.o.


We are an external personnel (Human Resource) service that is equipped to meet the Human Resource needs of various (types of) companies and organisations.

Our main activities are characterised in the following groups:

  • Personnel Department: We carry out services in the technical-administrative-personnel field (formulating contracts, resolutions, decisions, all employment contracts and other necessary documentation, regulating/maintaining relations with competent state bodies and authorities, preparing all necessary documentation, visas, permits, etc.).
  • We prepare everything that is required for the payment of (monthly) salaries, including all procedures and necessary documents and we also provide these in comprehensive forms. We prepare documents for banks, tax authorities, etc. We also prepare all documents that are required by Accounting Departments for entry into bookkeeping journals and accounting records.
  • We prepare drafts of internal regulations in the area of labour law (rules governing organisation and systemisation, job descriptions, rules pertaining to the payment and issuance of salaries, rules on labour relations, etc.). We follow all governing regulations, draw attention to regulatory changes, provide new strategies and solutions, etc.
  • We prepare employment procedures: We advertise, make applicant selections, conduct interviews, recommend candidates. Advertisements may be prepared in either your or our company name.
  • We employ for the purposes of fixed projects and/or temporary work: An applicant selected on the basis of demonstrated experience, aptitude and ability may be sent to work with your company/organisation for a definite period of time or until the completion of a defined project.
  • In co-operation with a contractual law firm, we manage and regulate all other legal procedures that are related to the field of personnel/Human Resources.

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